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Bobcat 250 Nt?

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  • Bobcat 250 Nt?

    Will it MIG weld aluminum as well as the Millermatic 250 MIG machine?
    Im looking at a used BOBCAT 250NT and wonder about that?
    Im manily going to be welding 1/4" to 1/2 inch aluminum but if
    the BOBCAT will do just a well I could use the other features of the BOBCAT 250NT.

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    In a

    The Bobcat is a great generator that can weld. the Trailblazer engine drive is a WELDER that can generate power. The Bobcat is more of a construction grade unit that can weld ok but not near the MM 250. The Trailblazer however, was designed as a top notch welder that can generate good aux power.
    Now the Bobcat will weld it but you need a feeder with a contactor kit in it or a spoolgun and control box with a contactor in it which is exra money. The Trailblazer has all that remote stuff built in. Therefore you can buy just the feeder you would like.

    Hope this helps.