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wire feeder problems

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  • wire feeder problems

    Ok im having some problems getting my wire feeder towork. Just bought a miller S-52A to usewith my 2010 miller trailblazer 302 efi. I have the adaptor cord for the contactor control plug with the 14 pinconnection. Its hooked up correctly as far as I can tell but im not sure. Whenthe trailblazer is in idle/run it will idle but when I switch on the feeder itramps up to run so the tb senses something is hooked up but the feeder will notdo anything. No motor of solenoid for the gas. I can adjust the voltage but thetb says zero amps. I have the tb on positive and ive tried both the wire feedsettings on the tb with no luck. I switched the fuse in the feeder. The weldterminal is hooked to the wire terminal on the tb. Ive tried everything that Ican think of but have had no luck. Any info would be helpful thanks