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what size leads do I need (gauge)

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  • what size leads do I need (gauge)

    Hey guys I just bought a used bobcat 250, but it has no leads. So for now I'm looking at getting 50' lead. But not sure what gauge I would need for 50' @ 250amps. I would probably never run it at 250amp but just in case I want leads that can handle it.

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    A good size cable for a 250 is 1/0. Plus it is a nice size to work with.
    If you are worried about the duty cycle you could up the size of the work/ground to 2/0.
    If you can smell the cables they are to small.
    But really 50' of 1/0 for the stinger and 50' for the ground should handle all but 250amps all day long.
    Good Luck,
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      I RUN #1 on mine - 60 Ft Stringer - 40 Ft Ground
      The main thing is not to panic or get excited
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        I use 1/0 guage on my bobcat I have 100ft of lead never had a problem


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          If you d'load the OM from this site there should be a section with recommendations for amperage/lead length.


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            Thank you guys, it looks like 1/0 is the winner. I looked for a manual, but could not find one. I'll look again after it's delivered, might be entering the wrong numbers