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    I'm moving into a 30x40 shop. I need some ideas on how to lay it out. I have a bandsaw, 4x8 cnc plasma, 4x8 bench, and want to store my 20' pieces of steel inside as well. So I'll need to be creative. Pictures and ideas are welcome.

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    Will this be a dedicated welding shop? Location of doors will have something to do with layout, also the type of work you do. Do you need to get large items moved around by forklift, maybe able to get large vehicles in?

    For little used equipment it is nice to have it on wheels to move out of the way. Obviously the plasma will take up a lot of room as you also need room to load & unload it.

    My building is 30x40 with two bay doors & one man door, all on the 40' wall. Each bay is approx. 13' x 30'. I keep my center bay open for large items & that is where my gantry crane is. Work table is in the man door bay shared with "toolroom" & some equipment. The third bay is mainly storage/junk. Since my shop is on the same property as my house the third bay gets some of each.
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      Standard lengths for square and rectangular tubing here is 24'. We had someone forget this and drove the forklift up to the end of the rack looking at the 20' pieces in the bottom of the rack and drove a 24' 4" x 4" right though the wall on the top rack. I think it really depends on the type of work you're doing and plan to do. However you lay it out be prepared to change it.---Meltedmetal


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        Shop Pictures/Layout

        Can never have too much shelving in a garage/shop. I'm constantly building shelves or wishing I had.


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          My friend Gary has a small shop with 40' of roller across the back wall to the saw.
          His steel rack is on the 30' wall at a 90* angle to the roller. That way he just sets the iron on the roller and rolls it to the saw.
          There a bench on the front wall piled high and deep.
          3' from the bench is a 4'x8'x1'' welding table.
          The last wall has the press, phone desk, and beer reefer.
          The main bay is only about 16'x30'.
          He does more work in one year in that shop than I will do in my life time in a 6000 sq.ft. shop.
          Good Luck,
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            it doesn't really matter how you lay it out. after a while you have to much stuff. mines 32x 42 with 12 foot ceilings. bursting at the seams with equipment