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How reliable are they

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    Used Miller

    I bought an old MillerMatic 90 MIG welder for a couple hundred bucks, it's a great little machine that runs like it was made yesterday... I just keep making iron stuff, and it never lets me down.. You do have to get used to the duty cycle though .. but thats just a matter of leaning to time yourself.. "Ride with the best.. go miller"
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      how reliable are they

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      Bought a Millermatic mig welder over 20 years ago and still going strong with no repairs. Just bought a Miller Dynasty 200 DX as a retirement present to myself. Having fun trying to learn all the new bells and whistles.


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        Miller Bocat

        I bought a used Miller Bobcat 225 propane rig last year for $ 1100.00. It has about 700 hr. on it and I drag it all over the country with me. Runs like a champ, never a problem so far, very dependable.


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          We can easily get into brand wars but all of these major machines are so good, sometimes it boils down to colors. Some have some minor characteristic differences that really only the most finicky operators could spot. Most of my stuff is red because when I was buyig my dealer was red only, they now have been bought out and have 3 colors but mainly red and blue. The only machine I ever had a problem with was a red plaz, about 12 yrs old and crapped a board. I bought a 2050 to replace it. I actually like the cut a bit better on the red but that may have been from running it so long too and I may need slightly bigger nozzels??? The torch saftey stuff on the red was junky right from the start though, who ever thought it would be a great idea to put those fine wires in that environment should be beat. I dont care for the drag cups on either one. I think I may have got the 625 instead of the 2050 but I am up in the air about future plans and thought the multi V option may come in handy sometime.


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            When shopping for a MIG 3 1/2 years ago I ask a local INDEPENDENT welder repair guy if the MM 210 had any issues? He told me "IF IT'S BLUE, BUY IT". So far he has been right!
            I have bought a total of 8 Miller Portables that needed repair over the last 20 years (5 of them for $300. , wish I could do that again!). Everyone needed engine work, the welder parts all worked and the units had all been treated badly.
            I also bought a 1979 Lincoln 300/300 Stick/TIG machine that was not working 5 years ago. A monster, weighed over 600 lbs. I found a bad PC board in it. I contacted Lincoln with the board number and all other info. I was told the part was no longer available. What a deal that was, I resold it at a loss to a guy that needed a lawn ornament.