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    What is the quality of my Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter vs. Millers? I was told by my miller dealer "all" major brand plasma cutters are either made by Thermal Dyanamics or are based on their design as they were the pioneers of plasma cutting.

    Is any of this legit??

    P.S. Thanks Hawk for your responses and also to other members!!!!!!!!!

  • #2 don"t quite have all the facts yet. Do a search you will find what your looking for.............Be Safe..........Rock..

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      Straight up.

      MILLER is the leader in welding/cutting technology. We even make units for the "other guys".

      Bottom line is, Thermo, Hypertherm, and MILLER all make great units. It really comes down to a questions you need to ask yourself.

      1- price
      2- service after sale
      3- availibility of parts
      4- does AMERICAN made mean anything to you?
      5- resale value

      If you look at the above questions, you will find the MILLER slightly more money with the best service, availability of parts, American made in Appleton Wisconsin and a great resale value should you choose to step up into a bigger unit.

      Good luck