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  • Spoolmate aluminum help

    I recently received a spoolmate 100 spool gun. I am using it with the multimatic 200. I can lay down a good bead with the spray transfer on the flat side of the 3/4" x 3/4" square aluminum tubing 1/16" thick. However when I go to weld the joint sections, it looks like I am laying down worm droppings. Does anyone have some advice as what I may be doing wrong. 100% argon, 14 amps with 320 wire speed. This is what the setting is at for laying down the good bead on the flat.

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    No one has any information to provide? Looking to see if any one has some advice to try on this matter. Thanks -


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        Sounds like the weld is cold. Try turning the voltage up and adjust wire speed as needed. Also Check your ground. I find that when i ground one end of the two parts to be welded if my welding table is cleaned and shinned up the bead will start easier and cleaner. I wouldn't think 1/16" would need any preheat but ive been wrong before.
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