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please help what to buy

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    Originally posted by jpence38 View Post
    I have had both. The 350P and now the 252. I like the 4 roll drive on the 350P, but for the price, the 252 is a good machine. And as you stated, the 15A or 30A is an option and the gun I prefer over all the others.
    If you are going to run a spool gun.. you might as well bite the bullet and get either the 15A or 30A .... they weld well and are built to last and be used....
    some of the others not so much... they are just trouble..

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    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

    Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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      Lincoln MP350, with a Miller 30A spoolgun. One stop shop with Tig, Mig, Pulsed Mig, and Stick. always upgradeable software wise. Or for half the money a Lincoln MP300, which is the same as a MP350 with a simple software upgrade.


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        If your not really looking for a mig id say continue on tiging. If u really wanted a good setup for a mig and aluminum. My suggestion is the lincoln c300 with a push pull gun. That machine is sweet. Pry get knocked for saying that on here but its my opinion. Its what id buy for a mig. Only miller migs i ever really thought were really good are the xmt with a 70 series feeder.


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          please help what to buy

          Would a spoolmate 15 or 30 do it running off a old millermattic 200 thanks ?


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            Originally posted by mikesystem View Post
            Would a spoolmate 15 or 30 do it running off a old millermattic 200 thanks ?
            Yes, it can do it but not very well. It has no run-in control which really is the key to starting the weld on alum. The 350P,350P-alum, and the 252 has run-in control. Tell your boss if he wants you to go faster buy a mig with the ability to burn alum and has run-in control.

            The ThermalArc 252i Fabricator has run-in control, and you can buy a spoolgun for it.

            Or learn to tig faster.
            Nothing welded, Nothing gained

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