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Difference between Maxstar 200sd and CST 280

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  • Difference between Maxstar 200sd and CST 280

    Can anyone tell me the differences between the Miller Maxstar 200sd and the Miller CST 280?

    I know the CST 280 operates on 220 and up. Does the Maxstar 200sd operate on 115?

    Any other differences?

    Which is the choice to own?

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    Here's MILLER'S info 200

    CST 280

    The 200 will run 115 volts and Max AMPS is 200. At 115 volts you have 100 % duty cycle at 90 amps with stick and at 220 volts 100 % is 125 amps with stick.
    This also has digital readout and is better for tig

    The CST 280 at 220 volts has 100% with stick is 150 amps. Dial adjustments for settings and it will do tig.

    As far as choice, what type of work and material will you be using ? Are you gonna be tig welding much or more stick welding. What about a mig ? We need more info on your usage.
    To make it easy, get a Miller 211 mig for thin material or the 252 for thick, CST 280 for stick, the ''NEW'' 210 syncro , and throw in a TRAILBLAZER engine drive.
    Ok, now go spend some money.


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      As stated, the CST will not run on 120v. The max star will run on 120v at reduced welding amperage.
      The CST 280 is a 280 amp machine on 3 phase power only. On 230 single phase power, the CST 280 maxes out at 200 amps weld output.
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