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AO VINTAGE Cool Weld VERSUS NEW ( # 12 )

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  • AO VINTAGE Cool Weld VERSUS NEW ( # 12 )

    I would like to ask about American Optical Vintage versus New.
    Which is a better lens to work with and holds it's value.
    So basically I haven't seen the newer AO 12's up close, I have one of the older American Optical/Vintage
    AOWC12H lens with the Gold .( company stamp clear on lens ). Somehow we've managed to keep it free from damage like no pitting, no scratches, no corner breaks, and none of that over-all chipping.. ( I've seen quite a few that are in some bad shape.
    Mine is not only Vintage but exceptional condition has provided excellent site/view when working (there are some don't use with ).and there's something that feels good about that Blue view.
    We've basically baby'ed it since they don't make these Cool Blues (as far as I know ).
    But it's these newer # 12's out there, I haven't gotten to check one out yet, but those of you who have could you tell me what's the difference and overall which is a better lens and why ?
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