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    Hello guys,
    I have been reading many of the posts and it seems like you are all both well informed and willing to help. I have zero welding experience and really want to learn. I also have a race car I am building and that combination brings me here to ask my questions. I know for sure I want a Miller. Have yet to hear one bad thing about them. I would like to be able to do some very basic al welding as well as some common, generic welding on my car. I guess stuff like adding to a roll cage (which I am having done) or welding support brackets and stuff like that. I was thinking the Mig 175 would be a good entry point and give me some room for growth. Is it too much of a machine? Oh also I am planning on taking some welding classes at some point in the near future.

    many thanks ...
    MM210 w/3035
    Next up - Sync 200

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    SOCALITA.......... The MM175 can achieve aluminum welding. However if you were to look at the MM210 with a aluminum spool gun 3035 the results would be better.........However you can install a 3035 spool gun on the MM175 by useing a SGA100 control box.

    I would highly recommend the classes at some point in time. The skill level to learn to weld aluminum with mig if pretty high. You should practice on a lot of scrap material before welding on your race car.

    Welcome Aboard.................Be Safe............Rock..
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      Thank you for your help. My aluminum welding will be very little. I just wanted to make sure the 175 had a "real" option or ability to do it. Your response cleared that part up for me.

      I also appreciate the input of practicing. I do plan on getting scrap and spending time getting down the technique. When the class opens up I plan on being there.

      I picked the 175 for price purposes but I guess if I came across a good used 210 I would look at it as well. If anyone reads this and knows of any places that sell good used equipment I would appreciate it.

      thanks to all ...
      MM210 w/3035
      Next up - Sync 200


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        Go with tig welding.Much easier and cleaner.Remember cleanliness is next to godliness *hahahaha*.Tig welding compared to all the other processes is like tig is the cadillac and the others are the ford pinto.When you want to go with racecars.I suggest Lincoln because they are "racing's first choice" *chuckles* .....I hope you find what you are looking for and I hope that you are happy with it.Nice Day
        whoomp there it is


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          With teams that use MILLER like:
          Richard Childress
          Roush Racing
          Robert Yates Racing
          Dale Earnhardt Inc
          Rusty Wallace Inc
          Evernham Motorsports
          The Whole ASA series
          and countless other companies that make parts for the racing industry,

          I hardly think Lincoln is "racing's first choice" as they might like us to believe