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  • Trailblazer to Hawk

    I have the older trailbalzer, is it worth moving up to the 301 series?? Again, cost not being a real concern, also I think I would definitely go for a "suitcase", which one? As you can see I am really going to make major investment. Here are the machines I now have and have very few hours on them: Miller 175, Miller Synchrowave 250, Miller Vintage, 2 plasma cutters. The reason for all my questions is I want the best equioment for a shop/mobile service as this is no longer a hobby but my retirement income. I guess I sweat it cause I have so much invested over the past few years and virtually never used the Sync 250. Again would it be more wise to wait and learn tig with the Sync 250. By that time will yhe models have changed again and again I will be kicking myself.
    200 or 300 Dynasty???

    Signed "frustrated and have the money" JWELD

    Also, does the "vintage" have spoolgun capabilities.
    I guess in short, money being no problem, what would be my ideal setup taking all of this into consideration.

    Thanks soooo much

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    JWELD......... How about this call 920-734-9821 and have the operator connect you with Scott or Lee.........They work in Industrial Engine drive........They will be happy to discuss old vs new......A friend of mine has a Service Truck Kenworth with bobcat, xmt304,s32p, spool gun etc...........It is a nice set up.........T&L Heavy Equipment in Tipp City, Ohio..........All on my recomendation all componets still functioning fine...............he uses this equipment every day 7 days a week just about year round.......................Talk to Scott and Lee.........They can fill you in.....................Hope you have fun with the decision makeing process....................Rock..
    [email protected]


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      The Vinatge does have spool gun capability but you have to buy the module for it. IMO the Vintage is the Mig to buy if you can still find one. There is one available here that looks like a decent deal.


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        I like my new 301G. I have the 12RC suitcase feeder. It's very portable and will hold 44lb wire spools. The 8RC is somewhat more campact, but won't hold the bigger spools. This is not a big issue to most people. I went with the 12RC because a lot of the dual shield flux core wires and non copper coat bare wires I use are not available in the smaller spools. Both are nice feeders. I really like the remote voltage control. You can adjust your voltage and wire speed directly from the feeder. It really saves the hassle of walking 75 feet back to your engine drive to change the voltage!

        Would I upgrade to the new Trailblazer 301G from what you have (251)?
        I am not real familiar with the older 251. I know the 301G has a 4 pole 3 phase arc and does a great job with stick, tig, mig, and flux core. I agree with Rock. See what the guys at Miller tell you. If you need the extra amps and like the newer features, then go for it. The 301G does everything I need very well. It really shines with a spool gun on 4043 aluminum filler. It runs a 3/16" carbon rod with no problem. All I can tell you is I'm very happy with this machine!

        What about learning to TIG well before purchasing the Dynasty 200DX? If you have the money and are convinced the Dynasty is the way to go, then get it and learn to TIG with it. You will always have the Syncrowave 250 in your shop. It's all in what you want and can afford. I don't see Miller coming out with anything new in the Dynasty's neighborhood for quite some time. Only time will tell.

        Good Luck


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          The 251 and the 301 are almost identical in every way. Except for some small changes on the front panel. When I had my 251 on the dyno the generator output ratings were much higher than rated. It also has a four pole three phase arc. I think the ac tig may go slightly lower on the new 301. The trailblazers in general are great machines. I think the 301 also comes with a new overhead cam engine,and the process switch is slightly more user friendly on the 301.Thats all I can think of perhaps someone else knows of something else that is different.


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            Thanks for the information on the 251. You are right about the extra amps. I put a Bobcat 225 on a load bank and got consistent readings of 255 amps output on DC and 265 amps on AC. I have not banked by 301G, but will just to see. Miller seems to under rate thier machines by 10-15% from what I have seen.

            There does not seem to be enough difference for an upgrade from the comparison you have given. Perhaps JWELD should just add his accesories like the spoolgun and suitcase feeder. If he goes with a Dynasty 200 powered from the 251, then the lower AC output of the 301 is a mute point.


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              I also have a 251 and 280NT units. Both run and weld great with the same smooth welding arc. There is a slight difference in amperage on the top end and the new units have a bit more aux power too. The Trail280NT runs my whole house when I lose power so I can't complain about the Aux power it has. I chose the smaller suitcase feeder only 'cause I don't go through enough wire to make it worth the extra money. Remember, if you don't use the wire soon enough, it will rust up and contaminate your guns. So, I thought better to buy smaller spools than throw out half use ones.

              Also I agree with Hawk on why not learn on the Dynasty. It's actually easier to weld with. The arc is less finicky and tighter than the Sync 250.

              Good luck and thanks for being a MILLER man!