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Spoeedglas = bad investment...bummer

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    The hood is 12 years old and has only one shade. There are many hoods available brand new for $400 and less. I would just get another new one that goes from 9 to 12. Why spend $400 on a 12 year old unit?
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      Originally posted by shovelon View Post
      I am confused.

      What I gather is that the hood works fine, but is too dark because it is a #12?

      So nothing is wrong here other than the OP does not want to spend $400 to add to a $600 hood?
      That is how I read it....

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        Originally posted by H80N View Post
        That is how I read it....
        Those are good hoods. The OP may want to sell his good used #12, and find a good used #10 hood. Might even come out ahead.

        I buy a lot from 3M, and they are a stand up company. I applaud 3M for going the extra mile and trying to help him, even at a cost of $400.

        I do understand the frustration of using a hood too dark. In the years since I had started welding I have gone from a #12 to #10. I am also having to use cheaters.
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          I don't think speedglas is trying to screw him. when you buy an electronic helmet, basically the helmet is worth nothing and the lense is worth the money. it would be like buying a new car and trying to use your 10 year old tires to save money. I would think on a $400 dollar helmet, the helmet itself is only worth about $40-$50