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coil welders?

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  • coil welders?

    I was just wondering if there is anybody else that welds in the refrigeration industry. Commercial or industrial. It is where all my welding experience came from. Very challenging. Curious if anyone else on here works in the field. Major companys are Gutner, BAC, johnson controls, Krack, etc

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      I worked on the coil line at bac, and was a pipe welder for general refrigeration. I absolutely hated working at bac... it was too repetitive. But i do like welding pipe


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        Bac is mainly condensor coils right? Yeah those are pretty boring and repetitive. Ive worked at imeco for ten years. We did it all evaps condensors aluminum stainless steel copper. It really didnt get boring. Now im back in it at a new company getting into the bussiness


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          U have any good pics of the fox body? I have a couple myself


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            Here is a stainless coil. There is probly alot of people who have no idea what im talking about. So heres a visual. Lots of welding goes into these.


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              I dont work on the manufacturing side of things, Everything I do is usually on the repair side of things.

              I did have a aluminum coil a couple weeks ago on the roof of a school where they punctured the header part of the coil about 1/16" away from the fins with self drilling screws when they were installing hail guards.

              Unfortunately I welded up 3 of the 4 but the one that was 1/16" from the thin fin material I was not able to do.

              With the header being almost 3/16" thick and the fin material being paper thin I ate into the fin.

              I've worked on some stainless tubes that kept cracking on an incenerator - Heater - Airconditioning unit.
              The company that made the unit had the coils and header mounted solid so I eventual made it so the header could float which cured the problem.