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Maxstar 150 STH dead

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  • Maxstar 150 STH dead

    I have had my Maxstar 150 STH for many years and it has worked great. When I tried to turn it on yesterday nothing happened. I have checked the voltage before and after the switch and it is running around 119V-120V. I can't see any burnt contacts or solder joints and I cleaned all the plugs. I have zero voltage on the white wires going into the display board. It was working fine the last time I used it but it has been sitting for awhile.

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    PC1 is likely pooched, and is a $500 touch


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      Exact thing happened to mine. Was working fine, turned it off to take a break, turned it on an hour later and dead. Wouldn't even give me a trouble code.

      It was out of warranty and dealer want around $600.00 + labor to fix. Not worth fixing or replacing, as far as I was concerned.
      I eventually got a bigger unit of a different color.