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Tig By a Dummy (not for Dummies)

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  • Tig By a Dummy (not for Dummies)

    Tigging BY a Dummy 101

    It all started when I had a big tig job coming up and I noticed I had only 600 psi left on my 336 cu ft (T) argon tank.

    The job would need more than 600 psi so, being a cheapie, I thought of ways to use up the argon before swapping it out the next day.

    Had some 1/8" alum sheet scraps and decided to tig up a pyramid.
    Each side is 3" long.

    Cleaned the alum with scotchbrite and acetoned the plates and 3/32" alum tig 5356 wire.90 amps advanced squarewave - 200 hz - 3/32" pointed 2% thoriated tungsten - 15 cu ft/hr argon.

    Learning should be fun so here goes..........................

    I have numbered the beads and added (comments my instructor would make.)

    Please study them for faults - there will be a test and prize.

    1 - First weld - ("ok at start but you forgot to back off on current as the alum got hot - you dummy - bead got wider and then look !!!!!!!!!")

    2 - Second weld - ("I thought you learned from 1 but same thing happened - no burn thru but still too hot - wake up - dummy x 2 !!")

    3 - Third weld - ("You took a break and let piece cool down enough to handle - ok looks a little better but don't get too smug.")

    4 - Fourth weld ("Bead is better but now a little too cool hence the high bead. "You are really a dummy !")

    5 - Fifth weld ("You let piece cool and ran another - keep trying and don't quit your day job")

    OK - match the numbers to the letters and win a 2 week vacation - free airfare, hotel and meals - booze is on you.

    First prize is Bikini Atoll.

    Second prize is Tora Bora.

    A - If you tig - every bead deserves your best effort.
    If not, why the %&*%#@ are you here?.

    B - Learn from (don't hide and show) your mistakes.

    C - Get in a comfortable position before you tig -
    you wouldn't sit on a cactus to watch the Super Bowl so why.......................?

    D - Read the other member's posts and study the photos.

    E - If you have questions - ask the forum members - the advice they offer is priceless and free.

    A final question which started all this mess - "why don't you get a second cylinder"?
    Duh - I have done just that.

    PS - still have 100 psi argon left - guess I'll fill some balloons and roll them down the hill during tomorrow's soapbox derby race.

    Lead balloons rock !
    Attached Files
    Miller Dynasty 350, Dynasty 210 DX, Hypertherm 1000, Thermal Arc GTSW400, Airco Heliwelder II, oxy-fuel setup, metal cutting bandsaw, air compressor, drill press, etc.

    Call me the "Clouseau" of welding !

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    Interesting, what to do with it now.

    Fix the bad spots, finish the welds down and make a nice smooth seamless paper weight.

    If your into it or might save it for later,,, practice polishing it.


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      I see a new thread in the making...

      ...4 sided aluminum dice for
      MillerMatic 211 Auto-set w/MVP
      Just For Home Projects.