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has anyone had experience with " Swag off road"?

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  • has anyone had experience with " Swag off road"?

    I was thinking about buying their heavy duty press brake attachment.

    My issue is flipping my credit card number to an unknown entity.

    I want to here the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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    I've bought two sets of dies now for my harbor freight roller bender. They are very very nice. Nothing but good things to say about the things I've ordered.


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      they look like being ok and they accept paypal so they will not know your card number...

      ok that doesn't help, but in my business i do accept payments thru paypal and i surely will avoid having issues with them being contacted by a mad or sad customer...


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        swag is a member here...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          My friend ordered stuff from them - it was of good quality.

          Dave J.
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            I have no personal experience with them but I have heard good things about them. Never heard anything bad.
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              I Bought 2 pota band saw stands

              I Bought 2 Band saw stands from swag one for me and one for my brother. Nice quality. I was happy with their service. No problems with my credit card. I bought those two years ago as well. The fact that he is still around is a testament of his good business practices. Hope it helps


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                I have personally met the guys that run the company. Very nice dudes. Good businessmen. I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from them!

                Also their products were all top notch. I checked out many of them first hand. Too bad I didn't need anything...
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                  Great people and very good products..


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                    thanks to all for the low down on swag!

                    I got to have their heavy duty brake.

                    I know I could make it myself, I even have all the materials. What I don't have is a mill to bevel the top die. I think that the cost at a machine shop to make that bevel would get pretty close to the cost of their entire kit.

                    AND, they are kind of a local company! I'm in Washington they are in Oregon.


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                      You won't have any trouble from them. Troy stands behind what he sells and if something isn't right he will go out of his way to make it right just as soon as he can. My latest purchase was a portable band saw stand. When it arrived I discovered that the insert plate had not been made quite right for my saw. I sent him an e-mail late on a Friday and by the following Wednesday I had a new insert plate in my hands. No problem with him and credit cards either. I was charged exactly what I expected. His credit card charges go through Pay Pal even if it's a standard credit card.

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                        Come visit our site, we have Press Brake Kits in stock.


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                          Haven't purchased anything there yet, but it seems the online community has nothing but good things to say.

                          I wouldn't hesitate buying from them. The products I've seen reviewed were all top notch.


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                            I just bought some 1" square dies a couple weeks ago. Just used them yesterday and they were great. That's now my second set of dies I have purchased, both sets were very high quality.