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Miller cst 250 week arc need Help

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  • Miller cst 250 week arc need Help

    I have a CST 250 Blue light is on. I have a very week arc it is yellow in color and won't lay down a beed. I get the same arc on all weld settings even lift start tig. I can set the output at 25 to 250 and I get the same arc. The inside is clean no metal dust or any thing. Any I
    Ideas were to start.
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    Many variables, need a serial#


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      high pitch squeal

      Thanks Cruizer. The serial # is 217277 when I power the welder up it has a high pitch squeal, squeak. that does not go away. not sure if it did that before. when I strike an arc and hold the rod away from the work piece i can hear a fast clicking noise from the welder. something is switching on and off, or cutting in and out. Click image for larger version

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        Tear Down Time.

        Does any one Have any knowledge of a trouble shooting Guide for this machine. I am going to take the boards out to start. To inspected them for burn marks, bulged capacitors ext. There are four red l.e.d. lights that are on inside don't know if these are for trouble shooting or not. Thanks for any help.


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          I need the letters to the serial# as well as the serial# itself

          I certainly would NOT TAKE THE BOARDS OUT!! Rather stupid idea static wise,


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            The serial # is LE217277
            Stock # 907116


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                What is the blue light doing? Is it constant or is it flashing?

                Have you got your input power set correct on your plug and are using ONLY Black (L1), and White (L2), Red is NOT to be used! on single phase
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                  Blue light Special

                  The blue light comes on steady for a few seconds then blinks twice pauses and blinks one more time then it is on steady. Stay on Steady when trying to weld. The wires are hooked as shown on in pic. I have 240v at terminals inside the welder and 238v while striking an arc. I took the leads off my other welder, Sens that one broke today, Bad month for Blue. Same problem with different lead.

                  Think I Found something that does not seem right. I have 60v dc at weld output terminals. at all heat settings in all modes, except on tig, were I have 30v dc. seems high I am thinking to much Voltage and no amps.
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                    Tough one, and yes those output voltages are correct. Very error sensitive machine, and you don't have any.

                    Likely hood is a bad connection on your cables/ bad ground, or interferance , ie, welding on a table with a non isolated 120Vac receptacle. I don't think its your machine itself. Could be wrong, but all the indicators that you have supplied points me in that direction.


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                      Thanks for your help. I am going to take a few days off from this project. I will repost when I get back to it. Then I am going to tackle my trailblazer 301 that just went. down. ug.