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No throttle on syncrowave 250

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  • No throttle on syncrowave 250

    Hello everyone!

    New to the forum, this is my first post. I own a small machine shop, and do a little bit of welding now and then. I have an XMT 304 that I totally love, but I needed something to weld aluminum, so I picked up a used syncrowave 250 with a water cooled torch. I cant seem to get it to throttle. My pedal is a RFCS 14 and it works perfectly on the XMT. High freq works fine, too good actually, to end a weld I have to pull away. Amperage is set to the unit, not remote 14, and output is set to remote 14. With amperage set to remote 14, I get these cool lightening bolts that look like those gas filled sphere light things you can buy at the mall. With output set to "on" I get some sparks when I drag the tungsten across the work, but thats about it.
    When I brought it home it had a sticker that read "wired for 240". Great! I hooked it up, and it sounded really weird, and the fan in the chiller was going really slow. I found out about the jumpers and turns out it was wired for 480. Did I smoke something? Or am I over looking a setting somewhere?
    Thanks for you help.

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    OK, remote only goes to where you've st your local control. so having your remote set to local is kinda useless. HF is adjustable on the lower panel next to the studs.

    Hit the pedal, gas comes on, output comes on, hf comes on, and your in AC

    Just no Amp output, first off put all the switches in remote. In this case, as all cases a serial# will be handy to pull up the correct diagram.


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      Hey Rodent (cool name BTW).
      I have an older Syncrowave 250 and had a similar problem a few months ago. You need to turn off the Crater Switch. I think that will fix it.

      I made up a cheat sheet of settings but could not post the PDF file here, says it is too large. You can check my thread on another forum here:

      You will see the cheat sheet in Post #6.

      Good luck and let us know if that fixes your problem.
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        Sorry for not posting a response for a while. I tried every setting imaginable, to no avail. I finally took in in and got quoted $848 for a new main circuit board. ouch. Before I tell them to go ahead - anyone know where to find a new main circuit board? I know I can change this myself.


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          What the.......I replied to this an hour ago, but it didn't show up. So if it shows up twice, thats why.

          Thanks for the advice, I tried every setting imaginable to no avail. I took my machine in for service and was quoted $848 for parts and labor on a new main circuit board. I decided to pay the $90 for the evaluation and just replace the board myself. Now then.....where to get a main circuit board.......?

          Thanks for the cheat sheet. That helps us machinist types.