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MIG gas regulator setting

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  • MIG gas regulator setting


    What should the pressure be on a MIG regulator?

    Most regulators come "pre set" to something..
    but nobody says what it should be?

    I'm not talking about flow rate.
    Yes, I do understand the concept of choked flow.

    I can get the proper flow rate with either lower pressure (10 psi)
    or higher pressure (80 psi), but it seems like the higher the pressure,
    the more the first blast of gas when trigger is pulled.
    Is that good, or just wasting gas?


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    Not sure I fully understand and bear in mind that I am not a pro, but I have two gauges on my mig, one for the pressure in the tank (which has no adjustment) and one for the flow rate. The flow rate is in cubic feet per hour and I usually set mine in the range of 18-20 cfh. This is with the trigger pulled.
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      30 CFH. You should have a dual gauge reg on the tank one gauge shows bottle pressure and hrs other is your working pressure.
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        Jim is not asking about the flow rate. There is flow and pressure. I have a high pressure and low flow fixed regulator to run my air lockers in my jeep. It does .5 cfm at 100psi. Jim wants to know what pressure, in psi, that a regulator flows at a given cfm. I'd have to look but I think my Radnor flow meter is at 50psi output. Not sure though.
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          Thanks for your replies....

          Once again, I'm not talking about flow nor CFH.
          On a normal gas regulator, (ie. Acetylene) there are two gauges.
          One for tank pressure, other for line pressure.

          On a Mig regulator, there is tank pressure gauge and a flow meter.
          The line pressure gauge is missing.
          IF that line pressure gauge was there, what should the pressure be?

          I know that because of choked flow, the dynamic pressure
          will be lower when gas is flowing.

          So, if my regulator pressure (not the flow) is adjustable, what should that static/non flowing pressure be?

          thanks again.


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            Most run 15 to 20
            The main thing is not to panic or get excited
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              Here is a link to a simple GMAW gas flow rate chart...

              Flow rates are in CFH... Cubic Feet Per Hour


              This should take the mystery out of it...


              Here is a video that may help to clarify things...


              Unfortunately some of this is sales pitch... but the basics are there and easily understandable..
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                Jim, why would you need this information? Just curious.