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Dynasty Vs Snychrowav

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  • Dynasty Vs Snychrowav

    Why is the Dynaysty so much better than the Synchrove 250, also can the Dynaysty be run off my trailblazer for field work?? I am just getting into tig.

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    They are both good machines. It is not that one is necessarily a better machine. The Dynasty is very portable. It has frequency adjustment and the inverter type arc. It will also weld thicker metal per amp due to the inverter technology. Which Dynasty do you have? You don't have to have a cooling system with the 200. You can if you want to. The standard 150 air cooled torch will do anything you want with that machine unless you are pushing 200 amps a lot. Then a 200 or 250 water cooled torch will make you more comfortable and extend your torch life.

    Yes you can run the Dynasty from your Trailblazer. If you have the 300 and are running in single phase from the Trailblazer, then you will not achieve the full output and duty cycle. I run my 200DX from my Trailblazer. It works just fine. Probably because of the autoline circuitry allowing it to run on anything from 100-500 volts on single and 3 phase.


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      TIG TIG

      I have the Syncro 250 already and really have done very little with it. I have the funds to buy a Dyanasta now though. I am setting up what I hope to be a part time fab business and mobile service. Have been a machinist for years and a so so welder, very new to TIG, Live in Louisiana where there are tons of aluminum boats.
      Should I stick with the Sync or invest in the Dynastna noe even though I will have double tigs.


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        The Dynasty definitely has the mobile advantage: lightweight, input power is easy to find. About the only unacceptable power source is 575Volts. I love the inverter arc, but that is a matter of preference. It is a great machine and will do 1/4 pretty easily. With aluminum properly prepared .750 is achieveable. The DX model has all the pulse functions in addition to the basics of the SD model. The variable frequency and balance makes aluminum seem easy. If you want to do mobile tig, the Dynasty 200DX is the ticket! There is nothing wrong with owning 2 TIG machines. I currently own a Dynasty 200DX and a Maxstar 200DX. I purchased the Maxstar before the Dynasty 200 was available. I hope to sell it soon. I also have a Trailblazer 301G with a dry rig scratch start TIG set up and a spoolgun. Get what you want if you can afford it. Thye Dynasty has lift arc and high frequency for starting the arc. The lift arc is great in the field.

        I don't think the Syncrowave would serve your needs in the field. It is a legend in Miller's TIG line and is here to stay. However, it is not mobile. You won't go wrong having too many welding machines. I have never said or heard it said I have too many welders or too big a machine. Interests come and go. Even if you don't do a lot of mobile TIG in the future, it is still an excellent shop machine. If you ever wanted to sell it, the used Dynasty machines go quickly.


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          Thanks Hawk this is a great help..