Hello all, I am new here and thank you for having me. My question is about my Airco 300 amp super hornet dc arc welder. I am sure it is a big 40 but my serial number (72-635027) does not give me any info on miller site. Is it a 1972 and can any one help me figure why it stopped giving me power from both welder and 110v power sources? However, first I need to ID the machine for proper manual so I can be on the same page with all the names and numbers of parts for diagnosing. I was grinding one second and the next went to weld and nothing from welder or 110v outlet . Please point me in the right direction. I am new at this and hope I am not the guy high jacking or cutting off other conversation, please forgive me if I am. PS. my internet is dial up without option of high speed were I live, if that means anything to anyone.