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medical oxygen converted to welding/glass blowing oxygen tanks

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  • medical oxygen converted to welding/glass blowing oxygen tanks

    I blow glass and wanted to know is its worth buying a few medical oxygen tanks for a great price and can they easily be converted into use for glass blowing to connect to me regulators, hoses to my torch?

    Inlet CGA 540. Outlet male "B" fitting. is my regulator hook ups

  • ampedtech
    my 3 cents (the increase is due to inflation)

    Medical and standard industrial o2 is filled from the same source.

    political and administrative record keeping about the fill and the process of the fill are required by the FDA.

    Purity requirements for med o2 may be less than the industrial. (I say may, cause the separators, company's that suck o2 out of the air, do not want to high light this, but I briefly worked for LINDE.

    Stick with the industrial gasses. Even If you had to buy new regulators, by the time you are filling the 2nd bottle you'll have paid for the regulators.

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  • Meltedmetal
    Educate me please. Although in the long run it might not be practical couldn't you change the valve, repaint the tank, retest and fill them like a regular tank? I'll admit I never looked close at them but the ones I've seen in the lws truck looked like regular O2 tanks with unique paint jobs.---Meltedmetal

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  • Burnt hands
    cruizer is right on the money.

    Overkill money wise plus all the pain of refills of medical gas.

    Kind of like buying gallons of distilled water to do your laundry.

    I get a 277 cu ft oxy tank filled for $30. at my local welding distributor.

    Granted, this is heavy.( 100 lbs or so) but it will last much longer.

    I would love to try glass working but I would break everything.

    Better left to the professionals.

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  • cruizer
    Probably NOT, as you'll need a permit to fill them, and even if you had the permit, medical Oxygen isn't cheap.

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