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    When Miller states that the 175 will weld up to 1/4" in a single pass, is that with flux-core setup, gas or doesn't matter. I'm looking to do some welding on a racecar and I'm not sure if the 175 will be big enough or should I spend the extra money and get the 210? I don't think I will ever need to weld anything thicker than 1/4".

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    Go for the 210. It has a softer arc and allows for direct connection of spool gun should you ever want or need one for aluminum. You can also use the larger rolls of wire (up tp 44lb spool) in the 210. Wire is cheaper in quantity. The 175 will do 1/4" in a single pass with bare wire and 75/25 shield. Even so you are pushing the machine to its maximun capacity.

    The 210 is a lot more machine and will serve you better in the long run: Spool gun hook up, larger wire spools, increased duty cyle and increased output amperage with less voltage drop-allowing better wetting action of the weld puddle.

    The maximun thickness in a single pass can be misleading if used to compare machines. Consider all the factors involved. The 210 is a good machine capable of light production. The 175 can't quite hurdle the hobbyist rating.

    If you can afford the MM210, get it! You won't be sorry.


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      I agree with Hawk.

      Go the 210. Most of my race teams have them and love em. You may need the extra punch like welding upper A arm plates to the frame or welding bracket on the rear end housing or axle tubes. Who knows, you may need to repair your trailer. Anyway, you won't be dissapointed in the MM210. The 175 may or may not be an issue but why risk it.



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        Thanks for your input guys. I went ahead and purchased a MM210. I didn't have enough to get the spool gun at this time. Maybe later. I do want to purchase a tig welder sometime after the first of the year.