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Dealing with air filtration in a mixed use shop

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  • Dealing with air filtration in a mixed use shop

    Setting up a small shop for metal work and wood work for personal use. I want to invest in a air filtration system that could deal with fine wood particulates, but also with smoke and other nasty elements from welding, cutting, grinding metals. Space is currently unheated but may add heater in future.

    I was looking at the JET 708620B AFS-1000B 550/702/1044 CFM 3-Speed Air Filtration System with Remote and Electrostatic Pre-Filter.

    But upon doing more research, was concerned that it would not be able to deal with the smoke or other welding/cutting particulates.

    I have two dust collectors similar to this grizley:

    I picked up these at a sale and could maybe convert one for welding. But If i place it outside as extractor, it would really cool the workshop quick in the cooler months.

    Anyone have some good suggestions?

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    Welding and woodwork is a dangerous combination in a shared space

    unless you are a fanatic about cleanliness..

    and even then.. very risky...

    hot metal spatter will bounce into corners and crannies finding sawdust etc...

    would really hate for you to have a fire..

    you may want to consider segregating your work areas...

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      Yeah, Will keep the area clean. I will move things around, so work will be done in center of space. Plus, keep flammables off floor.


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        Dealing with air filtration in a mixed use shop

        I built a rather crude fume extractor and filter. Fume extractor is a 6" inline Vortex fan and the filter is a five gallon bucket with a tight fitting lid. Cut hole in top, glue in 6" flange. Bottom of bucket drill alot of 1/2" holes for exhaust. Use polyester pillow batting for the particle filter and bulk activated carbon. Line the bottom and sides with poly then fill with carbon and leave some room for more poly then lid. Duct tape it and make sure your out flow is good. Drill more holes if you need to. Waaaay cheap I know but I'm exhausting outdoors and the breeze is always blowin so it takes it away. Just my redneck $.2.


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          Thanks Precision. This is a good idea. Is the carbon filtration really necessary if you are exhausting outside? I would imagine a flame arrestor would be good too...


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            My choice was an air exhaust hood, dumping the air out the roof.

            It has a timer and an adjustable speed control, because we don't need continuous exhaust.


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              Originally posted by H2o View Post
              Thanks Precision. This is a good idea. Is the carbon filtration really necessary if you are exhausting outside? I would imagine a flame arrestor would be good too...

              No not really I guess, could just use the poly batting and be done with it. Just tried to recreate a respirator filter. It was just venting outside already. Honestly the lil lady thought it up(Mrs. Greenthumb)as the extractor also vents her lil painting booth for her crafts. She was worried about the fumes messing up her flower garden. She asked for it so I built it. I guess it would be better suited for cleaning air into the shop or if it were exhausting into another room of some sort.


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                Dealing with air filtration in a mixed use shop

                Spark arrestor is a great idea too. It has about 18 feet of metal ducting so I figured they would have cooled off by the end but better safe than sorry. May just try and replicate a dirt bike muffler


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                  I have an Air Vac System built in Cedar Rapids Iowa. This thing works great for everything I can stick weld in my garage and this will keep it filtered. I have done some sanding on some woodworking projects and it collects dust too. It his a prefilter that's 24x24x4 and then a smoke sock inside. This does work very good and you don't have to exhaust air out of your garage to reheat it or make it up somehow


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                    Originally posted by cabininthewoods View Post
                    I have an Air Vac System built
                    Do you know how much the Air Vac Systems run? I could not seem to get much info about them. These units are ridiculously simple in construction. You could almost build your own. All you really need is proper filters.

                    I am looking at the inline 6" fan and a regulator. You can buy carbon filters that fit on 6" ducts. You could evacuate to outside during summer, and recycle during winter, when it gets cold.


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                      I got my air vac from a machine shop/weld shop that went out of buisness and I bought I at an auction years ago. The model I have is a M-25 and plenty big


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                        When NY banned smoking I snatched up an electrostatic "smoke-eater" from a bar. Big thing with a furnace like filter followed by an oiled screen thing and then a big stack of electrified plates. $10. It can keep up with 3/16 7024 @max duty cycle, but needs to be cleaned every five pounds of rod. When it sounds like a bug zapper it is not working.