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    I just need a couple of pushes in the right direction, I've been welding for about two years now, mostly mig but I really enjoy tig. I would like to eventually work my way to having a business of my own, maybe a fab shop, but don't know what would be good, solid first steps. Any advice is helpful no matter how minor, thank

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    Posting your location would be a good first step.

    Listing your skills is another.
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      Get a job with a company doing what you want to do. Learn the industry first, build up Capitol, buy equipment, work at night a home until you are so busy that you have no free time. Then start out on your own.


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        Originally posted by walker View Post
        Get a job with a company doing what you want to do. Learn the industry first, build up Capitol, buy equipment, work at night a home until you are so busy that you have no free time. Then start out on your own.
        I have to add that this is probably spot on. If you can get enough work to use up all your free time at home then you have a great chance of setting off into a welding career.

        Getting that many customers with an at home shop may be difficult. For one, you need a roomy shop and location that looks like a welding business and allows you to bring in large trailers, boats and construction equipment.

        Unless, you can find work that can be taken into a small shop. A small at home welding business takes some years to establish. Seems people don't trust your a good at home welder.

        I think it can be done if you can get out and find work then back it up with skills. Waiting on people to come to you with a home based business is tough. Then again I know a few shops that was doing good with lots of employees and plenty of work but now are struggling.

        I would also say location has a great deal to do with it. More people, coastal areas and lots of local company's with construction etc. would be a plus from this trying to rebound economy.

        Like the story of the young guy wanting to be as successful as this older man. So the old man said meet me on the beach, and when he did the old man took him out to deep water. The young guy complained all the way until the old guy forced the young mans head underwater.

        He held him under while the young man fought for his life, scratching, frailing around and nothing in the world was more important than one breath of air and he was fighting for his life to get it.

        then at the last minute he let the young guy up for air. Gasping, choking and confused the young man asked what does this have to do with success?

        The old man said when you want success as bad as you wanted that breath of air, you will be successful.


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          Work for someone else & learn everything you can about how a business runs & how to run a business. If you want to be in business for yourself this is the most important thing to learn. If you can't run a business correctly/efficiently it doesn't matter how good of skills you have, you won't be around long. Just my opinion.
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            2 years of experience is not usually enouph, You need to build clientel and work from home until you cant keep up, Then you might be ready.

            Another important thing to have is an accountant.


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              Working for yourself can sometimes suck. I know several people who own their business including family members and it can be tough. Health insurance is a must and expensive. If you are good at what you do its possible. Just don't sell all out to early.
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