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I lied, sorta

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  • I lied, sorta

    All these years I have been telling you how good my IR 5hp air compressor has been.
    The compressor is about 48 yrs. old. The other day I heard a bearing noise in the motor that sounded like trouble.
    This is the 3rd motor, the original was replaced by a Beldor, the Beldor was replaced by a Dayton, so now I have to replace the Dayton.

    I had my new man Wesley( he is the kid that won the FFA welding competition that I told you about in another post) look at the numbers (young eyes).
    He told me 3hp. I say no its a 5hp.He says but it says 3hp. I take the chalk of my pocket and chalk the numbers, put on the glasses and see it says 3hp. What?

    At this point I have 3 options: 1 new bearings, 2 new motor, or 3 up grade to a 7.5hp compressor.
    I skip #1 and try #2 new 5hp motor and adapter was close to 900 from Grainger.

    Wesley calls me and says NAPA can get IR compressors.
    So I get a bid from NAPA, Grainger, and my LWS Barnes Welding, on a 7.5hp compressor.
    NAPA was too high for an IR over Grainger, but Barnes had a Champion on sale.
    It was a little more money but right here in town and delivered.

    I remove the old IR and made a 3 drop copper cooling system and tie in to the old air system in the paint barn.
    I put the new compressor in the shop until I can get an electrican to change the wires in the paint barn.
    Then I read the owners manual, 80% duty cycle?????
    Every other compressor I looked at was 100% duty cycle.

    On the start up all tanks empty it goes over the duty cycle. But after that it takes 4 mins. to refill the tanks.

    3hp, no wonder I had booster tanks all over the shop.

    So you see I only sorta lied.

    Good Luck,
    Millermatic 252 w/30A
    Big Blue Air Pak
    Ellis 3000 Band Saw
    Trailblazer 302 Air Pak w/ Wireless Remote
    Dynasty 200 DX
    XMT 350 MPa w/S-74 MPa Plus
    Millermatic 211
    Passport Plus
    Spectrum 625 X-TREME
    Lincoln SA-200 Blue Tint Red Face '63
    2-Lincoln SA-200 Red Face '68
    SA-200 Black Face '59
    SA-200 Green Lite '84
    SA-200 Green Lite '80
    SA-200 Red Face '69
    SA-200 Red Face '66
    SA-200 Green Lite '81
    '70 Black Face Round Barrel

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    Champion compressors are one of the best you can buy. I have had a 5hp 80gal tank in my garage for over 10yrs and never a problem or even a hint of one. We have a 10hp duplex (twin 10hp) with 120gal tank in the shop I work at and never had a serious problem (1 valve bad) and the work it is put through (6 guys running air tools) gets hard but it does it without any problem. It was one of the best upgrades we/I have done. If Champion is the one you got you are in good hands, the build quality on the Champion's is far better then the IR and 99% of others.