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Spoolmate or TIG?

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  • Spoolmate or TIG?

    I posted a thread on the MM210, thanks for all the input, this forum is great. Now that I have made my mind up on the 210, I was wanting some input on AL. I plan on doing some AL welding and was wondering weather I should go ahead and get the spoolmate when I get the 210 or just save up for a good TIG machine? The guys down at Holston's told me they could save me around $200+ if I went ahead and bought the complete 210 package w/ the spoolmate, 2 cylinders w/ gas, dual cylinder rack, etc. Which if bought seperatly adds considerably to the over all amount. I want to get back into AL welding but can't really afford a good TIG machine right now along with the MM210. So, should I go ahead and get the spoolmate or just wait? What are the pro's and con's of the spoolmate? I don't plan on doing LARGE amounts of AL mig.


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    What material thicknesses are you planning on welding aluminum wise? The spoolgun on the Millermatic 210 is an excellent way to go but is good only down to about 14ga.

    If you plan on doing mostly thinner stuff then you should hold out for a tig unit.

    Let us know what you decide and why.


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      I will mostly be doing thicker stuff for now, and most likely not "tons" of stuff either. But, my experience has been once people find out that you have or can do certain things and you are good at it, then things can kind of snowball from there. I want the ability to do AL and I was thinking that the spool gun would be a nice addition to the MM210. The actual cost though that the spool gun will add is really just for the gun itself, since I would have to buy everything else w/ a TIG machine anyway. I should be able to use the same tank of Argon for both the spool gun and Tig, just split the line, one for each welder. What are your thoughts on this? Sorry, I got to rambling and kind of "thinking out loud." I would like to have the ablility to Mig and Tig both steel and AL.
      $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ Gadzooks, I had better stop thinking out loud before I need to take out a 2nd mortage on the house,
      Thanks for any and all input,


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        You won't be sorry you did the spoolgun. It's great for production type work 'cause it's fast. Which is also it's downfall. It's hard to MIG alum and be real precise. In otherwords, It's hard to do outside corners of a tank that hold liquid or has to be air tight. But for average Alum .090 and thicker, it's an inexpensive alternative to TIG.