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How to flash a Miller AEAD-200LE

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  • How to flash a Miller AEAD-200LE

    I recently purchased this machine, it wasn't running. I replaced the coil (double) wires points & wires. Had to clean out the gas tank & carb. Got it running good, but no output. I can't figure out which set of windings to flash with 12 volts. There are 3 slip rings on this unit. 3 possible windings. Don't know which one to flash and how to apply the polarity. This unit has the circuit diagram no. B-047 318.
    I need some help.

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    OK, had a looksee, this unit DOES NOT physically flash, it has an exciter winding in the stator, and (electric start model) has a small inline diode (D4)to do this job, Otherwise both the electric start and the pull start have a control bridge SR2 for this purpose. Don't bother trying to flash it yourself.


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      I did have to replace the D4 diode which was physically broken in half. I did this a while ago, But it still doesn't put out anything.
      So How do I get it to start generating & welding?