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Reducing Hi Frequenccy Interference

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  • Reducing Hi Frequenccy Interference

    I am looking for info on premptively reducing electronic interference when using hi frequency welding. I have aquired an old Miller 330A/BP welder. I have tried it out, but have not done any real welding with it yet. Most of my anticipated welding will be in the lower ranges, DC straight polarity. I have the machine well grounded, and my work table also grounded to an outside ground rod. Out of necessity of space and garage layout, the welder is 8 feet from my main panel, and the small work table is even closer to the main panel. The torch cables that came with the welder are 25 feet long. 10 feet would be long enough for my use. I have been told if I snake them on the floor without coiling, it will help. Would getting the shorter torch cables make much of a difference? Where is most of the potential interference emitted, the welder machine itself, the torch cables, or the arc? Are there any other tips on dealing with this issue? I'm out in the country, so the neighbors are not that close, but I have heard that under some circumstances the electronic interference can carry quite a bit. I don't want to have the neighbors complaining.

    I don't know if I even have a problem with any interference, as things currently are. I haven't talked with the neighbors yet, asking them to tell me about it, but initially I would like to try the cheapest preventative measures first, before I spend any real money on a yet unknown or nonexisting problem.

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    Not much concern of HF interference on DC TIG... the HF is only there for a short time to start the arc... it will be continuous on AC TIG for Aluminum...

    As far as general HF RF interference issues go.... if the spark gaps are properly adjusted and the unit is properly hooked to AC power and grounded.. it should be no problem..

    Section 10-2. Installation Showing Possible Sources Of HF Interference Page 59

    in the Sync 250 manual gives a pretty good overview
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      Thank you. I forgot to mention in my O.P. That the spark gap was set at .013, and I reduced it to .008.


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        Being an older transformer machine, simply twist tye the tig torch cable to the work lead, first 2' after leaving the machine. Presto zero interferance.

        The ground rod idea, is silly unles you know exacty the moisture content in it. Few do.