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my new welder lincoln 305G efi

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  • my new welder lincoln 305G efi

    I was just looking to buy a welder and decided on a Lincoln 305G efi, why I was looking for info on the internet and read a whole lot and came to the choice of my new Lincoln.
    People basically said ford and Chevy, a personnel choice. But I came across hearing about the mother boards giving trouble. So I said to myself a welder bouncing around on a truck the electrics have to be not liking it. I had a ranger 8 on the back of a ford super duty with the 7.3 and from new to over 500,000 miles and in a 10 year time span, that ranger 8 is still striking a arc. So that is why I bought my new Lincoln 305G efi.

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    still propane mike here, i was leaning toward the miller

    Trailblazer 325 because I have a blue truck. I guess I'll get looked at funny because I have a blue truck with a red welder.
    So I guess its time to get a red truck, for looks


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      my new welder lincoln 305G efi

      Congrats in your new purchase. I'm in the market for a new genny/welder as well. As for my needs I'm leaning towards the ranger 250gxt or Bobcat 250. Would like the trailblazer302 airpak if I win the lottery too.
      The reason for those choices is that they have AC output. I wanna be able to run AC tig off of it one day and those are the most economical. That stainless cover on the Range250 looks sweet too. Still a few months from actually getting one so I'll have the opportunity to play tennis with myself on which one I actually get.
      Keep the posts coming on how you like it. Enjoy! You remember what Ricky Bobby said, well if you don't like Big Red then f@&$ you!!!lol