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You knew somebody would bring it up

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  • ChuckS
    Well, like most of the shows of this type. There is only enough welding to justify the title and sparks are pretty. After that it's more about under qualified workers barely getting the job done. And yes, I know that that is the best way to get drama to develop. Qualified welders working hard doing a good job can be pretty boring.

    I have also dug trucks out of the snow. But I always dug out all 4 wheels. I hope they will lean more towards Dangerous Catch which seems more interesting than the Ax Men and less contrived.

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  • Hardrock40
    started a topic You knew somebody would bring it up

    You knew somebody would bring it up

    Alaskan Steel Men

    Have you watched it and what did you think?

    Hey, the forum does say welding discussion, but if you guys don't like it in here, lets just not discuss it and let it fall to the bottom.

    I know its built up with a bunch of TV drama and producers think that's necessary to have a show.
    Liked the use of the wooden wedges and welding right over them. Never been around that type of thing.

    Little bit confused about the star being a "Master Welder" Never heard of that.

    I did like the statement of, anybody can weld in the shop, out here is a different story.

    Well, those guys may visit the forum, they use Miller. Try to be nice.