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    I enjoyed watching it, might learn a few tricks, like using the wooden wedges to keep the water out. I'm always curious about those types of TV shows and OSHA. It's pretty easy to spot lots of violations!
    The announcer missed the boat when the crew was attempting to repair the steering shaft bearing. He said the new bearing didn't fit because after years of use and wear the shaft was now smaller, the bearing was too tight. Heck, it should have been quite oversized. Looks like the welding crew grabbed the wrong sized bearing!
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      Originally posted by Hardrock40 View Post
      That 3 grand hydraulic tank looked to be plumbed with garden hose.

      And, seemed no hydraulic fluid leaked out when he cut the "lines."

      Originally posted by ihctractor View Post
      From what I could see, if that was a $3000 tank then I am grossly under charging for my work!

      Yep, that looked like a normal store bought tank to me too.

      Stupid scripted show...

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