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TIG rod choices for 4130

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  • TIG rod choices for 4130

    What Rod would best suit 4130 and where can it be obtained?

    Here is what I have:

    -TigTectic 680

    Originally posted by AskAndy
    another good rod for 4130 tube is a much cheaper ER80S-D2. It has a bit less tensil but more elongation.

    Pitch in!


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    Hi Louis......... head off to your local Welding Distributor.... Most have a hugh assortment of rod's........... Kinda depends on your application though........Roll Bar, Roll Cage, Trailer, Etc.......
    Be Safe........................Rock..
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      Tubeframe car to be exact- 75% 4130, 25% (mainhoop, and some 1.75 squaretube) mild DOM.

      Ive built 2.5 Trans Am series Chassis using a 308 stainless rod with no problems at all.

      After talking to Andy a little bit, It seems that the Tigtectic rod is the way to go, cost no option.

      What are the pros/cons/ welding properties of these?




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        For 4130 round tubing, mostly .058 wall, I've had good results with 80S-2. It seems to be more tolerant of my out-of-position skills, and on round tubing I'm out of position about 60% of the time. As for strength, it holds up well in my crude but VERY DESTRUCTIVE testing. It might not be other tubing shapes or thicknesses, but does well on thinner round tubing.

        Would like to try the TigTectic 680 if I could figure out where you guys are finding it. Source?



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          All google returns is stuff in French!

          Parlez Vous francais?

          Cmon andy, where are you getting it from!


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            I've seen cromo welded with ER80s-d2 as well as ER70s-2. I've used both and both worked great on tubing {of various sizes and schedule}. They are both really forgiving in out of posistion situations.
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              With 4130, and 4130 to mild steel, I would use the ER80S-D2. With the higher tensile of the 4130 and the mild steel, the ER80 will blend nicely as will the ER70S-2

              The Tigtectic 680 was purchased through a Holox distributor. Or check the mfg web site:
              We increase industrial productivity through welding, brazing and coating solutions.

              The tig 680 is a 120k tensile and is great for rigid 4130 applications but if you are doing a roll cage, I prefer more elongation of the joint and will sacrifice a little tensile to get it. The 4130 base metal strength is about 95 Ksi and after using the ER80 you end up with about a 85-87 Ksi and better elongation. With ER70S-2 the tensile ends up around 80 with about 20% elongation. It is critical for race cars to have this stretch ability of the weld in case of a crash. Too strong of a weld will crack under severe impact.

              Hope this helps