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Wearing a Pacemaker and welding

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  • Wearing a Pacemaker and welding

    I had a Pacemaker for my heart implanted 3 days ago. I want to find out if I can still weld.
    Have any of you guys welded if you have a Pacemaker? Would you please share your experiences with me?

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    What did the doc say about that?

    I get hit pretty good tig welding from time to time but I have no idea how a pace maker works.

    Good luck.


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      Jack 772, I think Doctors say no welding just to be on the safe side, My guess is that: The only thing you really need to avoid is tig welding using High frequency.

      Its the high frequency that is used for Tig aluminum that will set off answering machines, computers, Tvs Etc.

      I think its kinda like them saying no cell phone use on a plane and if I heard correctly I think they now allow you to use it once you have left the air port.

      However: This is just my guess so I'm not saying that it is Okay to weld with a pace maker.

      I think the pace maker company is who you should consult along with a doctor and electrical engineer that deals with this type of stuff. My guess would be that the pace maker company would say no welding to error on the safe side.


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        I would check with the Dr also. My dad quit welding when he got his...Bob
        Bob Wright

        Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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          Wearing a Pacemaker and welding

          Try this site

          My Miller 252 manual says NOT to drape the whip over the shoulder and to avoid being between the ground and the whip to lessen Electromagnetic Radiation (even without a PM)

          But yes talk to PM manufacturer (likely to tell you not to weld)

          Talk to a electrocardiophysiologist (likely to tell you no)

          Talk to welder manufacturer (likely same answer)