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Syncrowave 300 any good used?

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  • Syncrowave 300 any good used?

    I am in the market to buy a tig welder. Initially I was going to get a syncrowave 180, but I dont know how well it will handle 5/16" exhaust flanges, also I will be welding rod ends and suspension parts. So figured its better to a little too much juice than a little too little juice.

    On a limited budget I am looking at ebay and finding quite a few syncrowave 300's. Is there anything I should be warned of when buying a used welder?

    Also, since all these miller welders are the older style, I am having trouble finding accurate spec sheets describing the differences between the various designations.( 300, 350, 351, LX, DX, etc.)

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Dont be afraid of a 300. I have one. You can get all parts with the exception of the transformers. The 300 is rather large, weighing in at something like 670 pounds, but I can almost guarantee that you will never exceed the duty cycle of this machine. It is 60%@300 amps and 40%@375 amps. They are a VERY good welder. If you need any other details about it, e mail me and I will get back with you on it.


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      Hi Tom...........I would think that would handle just about any job you could come up with..............Rock.....
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        I have found a couple of 350 lx's Does anyone know whata used one should go for?

        ANy known problems with this welder?


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          HI TOM.............Dave and I were talking this morning about the 351 vs the 350 Tig (syncrowave's). He answered a couple of questions ont he other board for me........If you call the Tig department at 920-954-3620 and ask for Dave in Service he can give you a general guide line.

          Basically it works like this serial number gives age, that helps determind price, Looks give approximate value, accessory's adds onto the price of the value...............Round up some serial numbers and I will tell you how old they are.................Enjoy.........Rock..
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            If you're going to be doing Aluminum you may want to have balance control, and I'm not sure if all of the older syncrowaves have it?
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              The 300s did have the balance control that have the same 45-68%EN like the newer syncrowaves