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Blue star 180k problems

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  • Blue star 180k problems

    Hi there I've got a blue star 180 that I bought which the previous owner replaced the orginal engine with a harbor freight predator engine. My question is what can I do with the wire that hooks up to the rectifier since a pred doesn't have an alternator ?.? And what is the voltage required on this wire I believe it is # 50.
    can this be bypassed?
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    Does the predator not have a charge coil? Does it have a starter, pull and/or electric? A serial would be handy as there are 2 180K diagrams.


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      180k problems

      The predator only has one wire coming off the charge coil it is electric start with a rope backup. Did not find a ser on the welder but the wiring dia under the cover is # SC-147 173
      the welder is not producing any output at the plugs or the weld output. And I'm thinking that this might be the problem and is there a way to bypass this???
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        T1 is an AC coil. thats looking for the input from the charge coil in the engine. Not entirely sure how you would mimic that

        Now that charge wire (which goes to #57 on the 180K), has to go to a rectifier. You will ahve to dig out the other side of its rectifier, as #50 has to go to it. Otherwise you will have to mimic the 18Vac to RC1-3&4 from T1 isolation transformer.

        You may get away with going direct to RC1-3, 4 with 12VDC. Won't matter on polarity. Output will be reduced, but it may work.

        I use tech manuals not owners manuals, so your #'s mean squat. Thats why I use your serial#'s


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          180k problem

          Where would the ser no be located didn't find one on the faceplate ? I looked on millers website but the only manuals available were owners manuals where can I get a tech manual?
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