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    I just got my syncro 210 hooked up and after going through the settings and adjusting them I got about 10in of dc tig out of it and she took a crap. It puts itself indc stick mode and wont come out of it. It also wont even weld in dc stick. Cruizer any help bud, or is it kapootski and needs to go back! I have a feeling it does. I tried resetting it for hours last night and it finally cured itself for about a minute and it went right back to dc stick in shutdown mode. Thanks for any help guys. Im very disapointed.

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    We're sorry to hear you're having issues with your new Syncrowave 210. We'd like to get a better idea of the issues you're having and get them taken care of for you. Please give the TIG service department a call at 920-954-3610 between 7am and 5pm Central time and they will be happy to help figure out next steps. Thank you for your patience on this. We look forward to hearing from you.


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      Thank you buddy, I dropped it off at my lws this morning, and they are looking into it for me. Thanks again.