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polycarbonate wielding filters

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  • polycarbonate wielding filters

    Does anybody know if the plastic polycarbonate tinted Radnor welding shade filters sold at Air gas or LWS are as safe as the old school glass ones in terms of UV protection etc...?

    I really hope so because I love my number 11 gold Radnor plastic 4x5 in my Jackson shadow! The arc is like a reddish blue and the puddle is white... easy to see that shine! I have a titanium 9400 but most of the time I reach for this number 11 gold plastic because its of the color I feel is easier on my eyes.... shop tig welder here also, a good tips for accidental arc strikes with helmet up? I'm a rookie w about 3 years in the Field so go easy on me! All answers and advice will be greatly appreciated

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    Sorry for the typos everyone my phone sucks. (Auto correct )


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      I don't know whether the filters have some kind of UV blocker / UV protectant in them, but I do know that polycarbonate is sensitive to ultraviolet light and eventually breaks down due to UV lught. I think this is why the PC headlight covers on cars get cloudy over time.


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        The Clear poly blocks 99% of the UV light.
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          I have clear inner and outer protective poly plates and a poly gold #11 in the middle