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    Hello, I'm new to the forum and need some help with a welding problem. I have a Millermatic 175 which is about 8 years old. I use my welder around my home for metal projects and repair. Self taught welder with the exception of some high school classes. At any rate, I have had a intermittent problem with porousity (sp). I cannot figure out what is going wrong. Metal is clean, indoor, no wind, argon/carbon dioxide, solid wire. 3/16ths to 1/4 in. steel. Metal clean. I have tried various amp and speed settings. Blew out the cable, checked the diffuser, tip, all clean. The weld does not sound right and looks like a weld done in the wind. But, inside and enclosed shop with no wind but a fan to extract the smoke. This has happened twice in the past and I checked and cleaned everything and afterwards the welds turned out good. Now, no matter what I have tried the welds are poor. Penetration is good, but they look terrible. So some questions. Can the argon/carbond dioxide get old and effcet the weld? ( I know, dumb question) How do I determine if I'm getting gas to the tip? Could this be the problem? Set at 20-25 CFH. I can't feel any air through the diffuser. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post I tried to give as much info as I could to help diagnose the problem. Thanks for the help.

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    Put some baby powder down or similar to check for gas flow.
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      Need some help

      Had a similar problem show up last month. Acted like u described, I also cleaned & blew out liner etc. Gas felt very week at nozzle almost none. Started at tank, regulator, discharge hose, all good gas, then disconnected hose where goes into rear of welder (350-P). Found small piece of debris in that fitting fell out, blew out visual ck then ok. Reconnected hose & checked at gun, now good gas. Welding great ever-since. Not sure where came from or when but been good since. Hope it helps. Just a thought. Greg


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        Try the baby powder, or what I do is pop the drive roller and pull the triger and listen for the gas. 1 place I'd check for gas loss is the rubber gas hose that hooks up to the liner. I had an old welder and it had gotten hard and cracked.
        1 last thought, you are not holding the gun at an extreme angle, just a thought


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          Thank you both for the info. Read Broccoli1's reply, (so simple! couldn't see the forest for the trees) anyway, I put down some baking soda and found no gas coming out of the gun. Started at regulator and ended up removing the liner, blowing out, put back together and all is well. I did not see anything come out when I blew air through it. Looked for kink in cable but all looks good. Could it be the inside liner gets kinked and we can't see it? Thank you both for the help. I'm repairing a cargo trailer for a friend so now it looks like I'll be able wrap it up tomorrow. Great site!