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  • Bifocals

    Hi I'm new here. Not sure if this exact question has been posted before? I wear progressive bifocal lenses and want to know (as I'm a student to welding) if there is a solution to either using a magnifying lens or something else to aid in close up viewing of the weld. In my personal situation welding at home I've found it difficult to see the weld start point especially using a fixed type shade. Just got an auto darkening helmet and haven't yet tried it out. I've found that I require a lot more light on the weld surface to see to begin. Is that common to those of us who wear bifocal lenses?

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    Better light on the workpiece that doesn't trigger your auto dark is always an improvement. Not seeing where your rod tip is behind a #9+ fixed is not unique to either myopes nor presbyopes, and you will be amazed how the auto darkening hood improves your arc starts looking through a #3.

    Personally, I would get my Rx renewed if having trouble with my close vision and consult with the doc before adding more magnification in the helmet.

    Have fun with your new helmet.
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      Yep. Sure do. At 54 Ive lost my up close vision. I ware same type lens and found they can't increase my up close with out affecting long range vision. But I would rather ware them over bifocal glasses for work. I put a 1.00 magnifier in my welding hood, works great can now see weld puddle clear. I'm now up to a 2.00 in my hood all time.
      And I sometimes use a 1.25 par of reading glasses with the mag. Lens In helmet for very fine Tig work. Ya can't weld if ya can't see, guess just comes with age. Makes u appreciate the good vision I had for so many years. Wish I could get it back along with other things. :-)


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        Originally posted by gnforge View Post
        ... guess just comes with age. Makes u appreciate the good vision I had for so many years. Wish I could get it back along with other things. :-)
        Been there, have the coffee cup and tee shirt. They say the mind's the 2nd thing to go. I can't remember what the first was.

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          Magnifing Glasses

          I use +2.50 safety glasses under my hood. For tig I use +3.00 for fine work.
          The lens that fit in the hood can have a different power on each side.
          But I found that they would scrach very easy.
          I just pick up 2 pair of +2.25 for general work and 2 pair +2.50 today.
          I misplace them all the time.
          Good Luck,
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            I have a 2.0 in my Jackson hood and nothing in my 100 buck Northern Tool hood.

            Both are auto dark, I tried the older Northern hood out about a week ago, after a few months of wearing the Jackson and I couldn't see crap. Really when it went dark it was dark.

            I put the Jackson back on and didn't try it again. So there are some real differences in the hoods. I can't believe I wore the other for over a year.

            It even scares me now to bring it as a backup.


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              Glad to know I'm in Good company. Just remember we're as good once as we ever were.
              I can't remember either pin2hot.
              Bob- i could never find glasses that's why put lens in hood :-) you would think after loosing so many they would be laying everywhere, I think they have hidden legs.
              Finally bought a Miller Elite a year or two ago, little expensive but a super helmet for fab work.
              Cheap ones just don't hold up for every day hard work. Thanks guys its a elite group to be in, ya can't cheat your way in, you earn it. :-)


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                I've had multi focal lenses and have yet to find an insert to work well. Best option for me was to have prescription lenses made specifically for welding with only near sight correction and large lenses. Now I can see pretty much everything. An auto helmet will help also as others have mentioned.


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                  I've been dealing with this issue for years now, been wearing bifocals for around 6-7 years and now find that I still cannot see good under the helmet...Thanks for the suggestions about the reading glasses...I already use +1.50 over my bifocals when reading small text or working on something small. I will give them a try under the hood. Keep on Welding!


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                    Full Lens MAgnifiers!

                    I wear these full lens magnifier/safety glasses and swear by them!
                    They come in several diopters (magnification power), are very comfortable and a lot safer and cheaper than prescription glasses from the eye doc.
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                      We've kicked the vision problem around a few times. Here is a link to prior suggestions I have made. I have found the flip-up solution easiest to use, since they allow one to use them while walking around the shop by just flipping them up and out of the way. They are, also, great for any project that requires use of a near focus through the top of spectacle lenses, i.e. while leaning over the fender of a vehicle, or working on one's back, under said vehicle.

                      See post #7, here...

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                        I recently had both my cataracts removed.

                        On my initial visit, while sitting in the patient waiting room, I spoke to a young fellow (in his late 30's) that had his cataracts removed .... how long has it been since you had an eye examination?