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    Hi all, I'm new here. Beginning a basic course in welding in a few weeks and plan on continuing on to advanced welding course. then hopefully try for my CWB certification. I own two welders one a Lincoln 225A stick welder (which I haven't even got to use since I haven't a hook up for it yet) and a Lincoln 110V Mig welder with gas capabilities. I also have a set of oxy/acetalene torches. I've done a bit around the home with the two of these units mainly for my own personal use but now look forward to the opportunity and potential to put some training and ability potential to better use in the industry once certified? Any tips on getting there and hopefully finding a job or putting my planned training and abilities to the best use?

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    Hi Ron, welcome to the forum. Take classes, ask a lot of questions and a lot of practice. You can go on the internet and look for welding jobs in your area. I advertise in the local shop rite and a lot of word of mouth helps. Also your local supplier should be able to hook you up with a magnifying lense for your hood. Where are you going to school? You know you don't have to be certified to be a welder or to get a job. Lots of luck Joe.


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      Yea you can't beat the classes, take all you can.

      Get in some blueprint and weld symbols while your there then your on your way.

      If you know some shops, stop in and ask what they hire for mostly. Maybe you can lean towards that in class and get a leg up on your first job.

      I'd like to work for someone in a general fab shop, no production line. WHY?? maybe they have some work.

      The one thing that kills me welding from home is that most jobs require all prep and hardly no welding.

      You spend an hour getting something ready then 5 minutes welding it. LOL
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        Prospective Welder

        That's welding Hardrock. 90% is good fit up. If you have crappy fit up and an awesome bead it still looks like crap. If you have impeccable fit up and an awesome bead then your a welder, not just a rod burner.


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          Learn to run a basic welder circuit. Actually a couple circuits so a guy can hook some equipment up.


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            Originally posted by Sberry View Post
            Learn to run a basic welder circuit. Actually a couple circuits so a guy can hook some equipment up.
            The simplicity here may be throwing me off or maybe your onto something that I am missing all together.

            Can you explain some more?


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              Welcome to the forum Ron.
              Lincoln A/C 225
              Everlast PA200