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Mig welding aluminum... A356

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  • HAWK

    Can you get the needed penetration from the MM135? I don't think this machine will run .035 4008 Al alloy due to low current output and feed liners available for the torch. The MIG process is generic and inaccurate in placement as far as weld deposits being where you want in the amount you want in tight places. Have you tried any cylinder heads with this machine? NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, BUT TIG IS THE WAY TO GO FOR THIS WORK.

    Good Luck

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  • mikael
    Guest started a topic Mig welding aluminum... A356

    Mig welding aluminum... A356

    I have a millermatic 135. I was at Airgas and they looked up the
    proper alloy for me to weld aluminum cylinder heads (A356) which
    is a 4008 wire. It's only available in 35thou 1pound spools.
    I've been welding aluminum (4043 wire) for a while and I have no
    problems with rats nests anymore and I have a pure argon tank.
    Do you forsee any problems with this or have any suggestions
    (besides get a TIG)?
    Thanks for your input.