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Which welder for Aluminum

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  • Which welder for Aluminum

    I am considering a 251. Is that too big for small work. I will be using this welder on Aluminum dump truck beds putting in floors, repairing turnbuckles, ect. I will also use it for steel.

    Also, I was considering getting a portable diesel powered one instead so that I may do this work wherever the truck may be at the time. I think sales rep is trying to get me to buy more than I need. He said a bobcat 250 would not work well, and to try a Trailblazer 301.

    What do the pros think??



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    The Millermatic 251 would not be to large for what you plan on doing, in fact it may be the perfect machine. The 251 is offered in a package which includes: Millermatic 251, 30A spoolgun, dual cylinder rack and 2nd gas regulator.

    If you are looking to go portable I agree with your distributor step up to the Trailblazer 301G, you won't be disappointed. To attach the 30A spoolgun to a Bobcat you will need a $925 weld control (WC115A with contactor). To attach the 30A to the Trailblazer 301G the required weld control (WC-24) only runs $238.

    Because the Trailblazer 301G has a built in 14 pin connector it allows you to add many accessories that can't be added to the Bobcat.

    Good luck with your decision, if I can be of any further assistnace please let me know.


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    Kevin Schuh
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      Which welder for aluminum

      E7 the 251 with a 30A spoolgun should serve you well for what you say you intend to use it for. The 210 would work but the duty cycle is limited and the spoolgun is too light. I have a 210 and have used it on in my garage and on the road with a 5000 watt Genarac and find it to be a good machine, just smaller than you need. As far as a Trailblazer 301g goes, this is an excellent machine. I purchased one last spring and hooked it up with a 30A spoolgun. I haven't had the oppotunity to use it as much as I would like, but man what an arc on that machine. Welds great. I have used 3 phase machines in a shop environment for 25+ years and also had ahold of some single phase machines. None have had an arc like the the Trailblazer. Good luck with your venture.


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        I have to definitely say to go to the Trailblazer if you can afford it at all. I bought mine on sale not really knowing the difference at the time. Man, was I glad I did. I use a Bobcat at my Dad's shop in AZ, and there is a big difference in quality of the arc, especially with 7018. And it was easier to put a wire feeder on the Trailblazer, though I did have to get a (free) upgrade kit because I had an older 110-volt feeder. New feeders are 24-volt and no upgrade is needed, and supposedly the latest Trailblazers have 110-volt built-in to the 14-pin now.


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          These guys have given you excellent advice. The only thing I'd like to say is that when you add the 900+ dollars for the weld controller to a Bobcat 225 or 250 you could have bought the Trailblazer and mostly paid for the WC 24 controller required to connect the 30A spoolgun to the Trailblazer. Plus you get a "true" CV output for the spool gun and/or a remote wire feeder like the 8RC or 12RC. I have owned a Bobcat 225 and now have a Trailblazer 301G. As MAC702 said there is a tremendous difference in the arc quality. The 301G has a 3 phase, 4 pole arc output. This basically doubles the arc frequency to 120 HZ as oppossed to a standard 60HZ arc. If you demo weld with both machines, you'll pick the Trailblazer for sure. I have a 30A spoolgun I use on my 301G Trailblazer and love it!

          Good Luck


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            Here is an after thought on the truck welding. I have been looking into the air cooled XR push/pull system. I have used an old cobramatic push/pull and love it. It is easier to manipulate the gooseneck gun than the spool gun. It's probably twice the price of the spool gun and not quite as portable. If I were doing aluminum all the time from my Trailblazer, I believe I'd take the XR push/pull system.

            If you purchases the 301G gasoline drive instead of the 301D diesel, you could have the XR system and still have cash left over. Just a second thought.


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              Thanks for the advice


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                Thanks for the advice.
                I went with the Trailblazer 301 G and a WC 24, and a Spoolmatic 30 Gun.

                I still want a plasma cutter and the tig box, though.

                This machine is Da Bomb.

                The welds are fantastic.


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                  Congratulations! The 30A runs great of the TB 301! Keep us posted. The XR is harder to manipulate than a Cobra-Matic. However, it is heavier duty unless you beef up the newer CM'sa with their HD gun.