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Millermatic 210 wire feeding problem

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  • Millermatic 210 wire feeding problem

    Hi, I have a Millermatic 210 that I bought used off a friend about 6 yrs ago. I've used it on a few projects since I've had it, and it's always performed perfectly. Just this week it's started acting up. When I pull the trigger, I can hear the relay click but the wire doesn't feed out of the gun. I pulled the case off, and the drive rollers aren't turning. I checked to see if the motor was still plugged in, it is. I checked the trigger switch on the gun, it's good. If the welder is off, and I hold the trigger on, then turn the welder on, it drives for 2 seconds, then dies and won't turn unless the welder is switched off/on again. I jumped the motor wires with 24v, and it appears to work correctly (continuously turns). Any thoughts? Thanks.