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  • Corten welding

    I'm just re-registered after a pretty long absence. I move from east coast to west and sold my Synchro 180 prior to moving, and yes, I regret it. I kept the 135. I'm going to pick up a 211 prior to months end. We are in the middle of a pretty significant re-model and I'm going to have to do a bunch of structural steel to open the floor plan up. Hence the 211. I'm kinda lusting after the 252, but at this point I'm a hobbyist and I think (fingers crossed) the 211 will do it for me. My heli-arc days are over. I can't make all the parts move at the same time in the right way, let alone see it. To my question...

    The house has an old stone skirt around it. Some has had to come off for foundation work but one side I am leaving. It stands about 5-6" proud of the siding. I am going to have to fabricate a flashing for this and think Corten would look good there as a cap. What wire would you use to weld Corten. Suggestions gratefully received.

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    Why do you have to weld it?


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      While I guess...

      I could overlap it, I would prefer to go with a heavier gauge metal and have a continuous piece. I have access to a 10' brake and can fab up the pieces.


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        See this post.


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          I would just overlap it. No need to make a simple job hard.


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            Have you priced that steel? I recently got a quote of $450.00 for a 4 x 8 sheet of 14 gauge!
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