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251 feed speed goes to 888's

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  • 251 feed speed goes to 888's

    I've had this machine since maybe 05, and used it many times but just for small jobs it actually has most of it's first spool of wire left.
    We have a 300 shopmaster, 200 syncrowave, a 250 millermatic and an old portable. I was working it pretty hard the other day when it stopped feeding. I've been using wire feeds since the late 70's and I figured it was a kinked hose the tip, liner, feed wheels etc it wasn't bird nesting and I couldn't find anything wrong. Next time it did it I noticed the digital WFS readout went to 888s like it was first booting up. It feeds fine when not welding also the Voltage meter does not change when this happens so I didn't think I was having an intermittent power problem. This symptom has gotten rapidly worse where yesterday I could weld maybe 10" of bead set for 3/16 but today it started out welding OK but after only a few inches it got to where I could only weld a 1/4" before it would sputter and stop..WFS readout goes to 888s.
    I called Miller and got to talk to one of your techs. He said it can only be a loss of power or the main controller board. I have since taken the covers off blown out all of the dust, looked for loose wires changed tips re-aligned feed rollers. I am powering it off of a breaker instead of fused disconnect...kind of wondering if I have one leg of the breaker getting hot / failing. I'm going to see if I have another circuit I can run it off of. Anybody seen this before?