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ac/dc alum weld

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  • ac/dc alum weld

    I have a lincoln tombstone ac/dc welder. What would be the best way for me to weld aluminum. I have an old airco 300 amp water cooled tig torch and a homemade water cooler I made from a bucket and pond pump. I been running on dc- under 180 amps with no overheating problems. Could I tig on dc+ without killing my pump or would the power backfired into the water causing problem? Or just aluminum stick it?

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    Dr. welding,

    You could try scratch starting tig on AC but it would be easier to use DC and alum stick electrodes.
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    Miller Dynasty 350, Dynasty 210 DX, Hypertherm 1000, Thermal Arc GTSW400, Airco Heliwelder II, oxy-fuel setup, metal cutting bandsaw, air compressor, drill press, etc.

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      ac/dc alum weld

      You let me know how that works out?!?!


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        Theres no RELIABLE way to weld Aluminum with what you have.

        Once you add on a high frequency box, you can try. You still won't have amp control though.

        Learn from my mistakes. I tried the same thing with the same unit. In the end, it's cheaper to buy a dedicated ACDC tig welder. You will not gett good results.

        As for stick welding Aluminum, try it on a test piece first. It's a hot, fast milky mess that burns through really fast and is hard to control.