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    Any of you have prices of ar plate handy? Im getting 4x8x1/4'' for $360 a sheet and feel like im getting a good deal from my local supplier. I have never priced it anywhere else or bought it anywhere else so im just curious

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    I just got a price of $274.28 for 4' x 8' x .250 diamond plate.
    Lincoln Vantage 400
    Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak™

    Miller Dynasty® 350
    Millermatic 350P Aluminum
    Millermatic® 252
    Syncrowave 351
    Lincoln LN-25 Pro

    Multimatic™ 200

    XR-Aluma Pro Gun
    Diversion™ 180

    Spectrum® 625 X-TREME™

    Thermal Dynamics® Cutmaster® 52
    Victor Oxy/Acetylene Set


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      Thats a lil high for diamond plt. Im talkin bout ar400


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        Originally posted by weldonwelding View Post
        Thats a lil high for diamond plt. Im talkin bout ar400
        Fill me in a little about ar400.

        isn't that supposed to be good steel for bucket repair? if so what are other applications would you prefer to use it on.



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          Anywhere you need "abrasion resistance", its used a lot in sand and gravel plants, asphalt plants etc...


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            not trying to be short... about to leave and just caught a glimpse of this. If no one else taps into this and explains a lot about ar before I get home tonight... i'll


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              Here's a good overview of AR400 steel.

              Miller stuff:
              Dialarc 250 (1974)
              Syncrowave 250 (1992)
              Spot welder (Dayton badged)


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                Good stuff. I need to get a line on some locally.

                I'll be calling around next week. Some flat bar and plate on hand might be the difference in getting a job or not getting a job. I don't have the equipment to deal with a 4x8 sheet so I'll have to see what options are available.

                I am thinking this is a HUGE issue. When you don't have the materials on hand customers make another call. Last week a guy calls about a 2x2 sq. tubing rail on a rollback.

                Gravy job but I messed up and said I'll have to run out and pick up a stick of tubing. Oh ok he said, I'll bring it by and let you have a look. Never heard from him again.


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                  Yeah 2x2x1/4 or 3/16 is good to have on hand. I tried to get 4x1/4'' strips of ar400 for this job but they didn't have it and weren't sure if they could even get it. I had to buy a whole sheet and strip it down.


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                    I called the closest supplier and he doesn't stock AR400.

                    He had some Jalloy maybe with AR designation / DP500, I'm guessing here, are those the same two things and could they be used for the same purpose as the AR400?


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                      Weldonwelding, I bought some a few months ago and my price was $ 1.08 lb. so there giving you a fair price.