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    I'm planning on purchasing a TIG machine to do prototype work and light fabrication on both steel and aluminum. I've done some research on both Inverter and Transformer machines but I would like to get some feedback on which type you prefer and why. I'm looking at the Dynasty 200DX or the Syncrowave 250. What are the limits on each.


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    I like the Dynasty 200DX. It is small, lightweight, and runs on 100-500 volts 1 or 3 phase making it an ideal portable tig/stick powerhouse. It packs 200 amps of inverter output welding current. I spoke with Dave Fisher at Miller about the inverter output versus a standard transformer type machine. He says that due to the very fast switching rate of the IGBT's (very fast transistors that can handle large amounts of current flow and heat), the output current tends to pack more punch per amp than the standard 60HZ switching cycle of the transformer machine.

    The Dynasty will do 1/4" material pretty easily where you would need closer to 250 amps on a standard transformer type machine. The DX model has all the pulse functions built into the machine. You have all the adjustment you want at your fingertips: current, frequency, EN balance,postflow, all the pulse functions, not to mention a great stick welder with adjustable dig control.

    I talked with Bertram Chase of Welding Dynamiks, a company specializing in TIG welding of copper-nickel alloys, titanium alloys, and other specialty alloys. He has a Dynasty 200DX and has welded .750 aluminum. He has run many tests with this machine and is amazed at its potential. I don't have his experience or knowledge of TIG or of this machine. However, I really like the machine. I don't think this machine has any limitations based on your description of light fabrication. If you are going for cast iron cylinder head repair or something really heavy, then I would opt for the Syncrowave 250 or even 350. I cannot accurately comment on these 2 Sync-wave machines. I have little experience with them.


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      Thanks Hawk,

      It seems everyone loves the Dynasty. I have yet to hear anything bad about it.

      At what point would you recommed upgrading to a water cooled torch? From what I read it looks like 250 amps is the magic number. Are there any other factors one should consider?



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        The Dynasty is a great machine! Anything over 200 amps really needs to be water cooled for two reasons: (1) the torch gets hot and so do your fingers (2) the torch life is signifigantly shortened if it is not cooled. If I were running 200 amps continuously, I'd opt for a water cooled system. There are 200 amp water cooled tig torches on the market. Running 200 amps at 3 out of 10 minutes can be done with a 150 amp air cooled torch without torch damage or too much heat on the fingers. You can certainly run a 200 amp water cooled torch on the dynasty 200, but it is not necessary. I think I might go this route running a high helium/argon mix and pushing the max on the Dynasty 200DX, now you'll risk exceeding the duty cycle and possibly damaging the machine.